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2013 - KohPhayam


Welcome to the beautiful island of Koh Phayam, a two-hour boat ride away from the West Coast of Thailand and Myanmar. Until now preserved from mass tourism, cars, concrete hotels… but unfortunately not from the waste of consumption

Here is the sad conclusion of a month and half hand-picking hundreds of kilos of plastics on the beach discharged by the sea during the rainy season.  Which demonstrates the urgency and need of recycling waste to preserve these little jewels of nature for future generations.

Just 80 steps from the beach, hiding behind the bungalows of each hotel here is the other side of the paradisiac postcard in too many islands around the world... ,  This video can strike sensitive souls... .Welcome to Koh PPP or Plastics Paradise Problems … The only real solution is to ban the use of plastic….

The beach is not your bitch



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