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2016 - Pollution ascertainment of the Saint-Jean 


The little river of Saint Jean in Yffiniac is the playground of choice of my three brothers, me and a whole bunch of kids of the village.  It delimits the plot in which we live and my father has the good idea of building tree houses there. It  is paradise here. There are plenty of corn fields, carrots, wheat, orchards of all kinds, chestnut trees, hazelnuts, mushrooms :) There is still a crystal clear river and is full of fish... Here is the territory of our Sioux tribe, improvised by my brother Marc, the chief (Sitting Bull) feared for miles around by rival gangs and especially orchard owners who chase us armed with their forks for each of our attacks worthy of hungry crickets

Fortunately our small legs in short pants do not fear neither nettles, brambles, not even the whip ;) Only the bulldozers during the construction of the highway upstream will have defeated our arrows and slings. It was the beginning of the end of a beautiful time named “the end of the field”

Years later a pond is also built just before the highway in which each summer green algae  accumulates in astronomical quantities ... In 2016 it is the day after the release of algae in the Saint Jean River, I witnessed the catastrophe. The local authorities were warned, but no investigation is being carried out into the causes of this ecological disaster ... but the story does not end there ... In the following episode the dead fish recuperated which are in the freezer and the results of the analysis will speak for themselves ...

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