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Welcome to YOU

After 4 years of existence, I have the honour and the joy of finally giving you the possibility to spread the word and at the same time owning your belonging to the DFMP movement through actions in the field. As small as they may seem in everyday life, they will hopefully bring a new meaning to your life as it has done to mine.

DFMP stands out by going much further to motivate your interest in wearing our message, more than for the esthetics of the logo, because of the strong meaning of our slogan. You engage yourself in the acceptance of our values, and become a guarantor of the movement's representation. Our example will prevail and we expect from you an attitude that will honour the colours of DFMP that you will proudly wear with respect as an Eco Warrior

Your participation will allow the sustainability of DFMP for its targeted missions on the ground, the volunteering on all fronts brought by NGOs as well as the financing of their fights. An reintegration project will also be implemented and, why not, make the use of The Charlotte a recreational sports discipline recognized as a public utility.

The monopoly on protecting our planet does not belong to the NGOs alone. It is high time to demonstrate what the spirit of micro enterprise can do as well as transform these actions from a vocation into a real trade for the future.

Hugues Piéto, founder of the DFMP movement

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