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2012 - Ibiza


During two months of mission, I managed to get contracted once a week by three beach restaurants which  immediately understood the effectiveness of the Charlotte, especially after a party.. :( This allows me to voluntarily clean some other of the most beautiful beaches of Ibiza.  I ask a friend photographer to take pictures of my last session at beach ‘Cala Conta’  known for the most beautiful sunsets on the island.  Nobody knows what  I am  doing from 6:30 am to 9:30 am every morning.  People go to bed late here ...  My friend Esther took pictures of the first minutes of the session and left well before I had finished the cleaning mission.  The result is remarkable, I must have in my garbage bag at least ten kilos of cigarette butts and micro-plastic harvested on such a small beach.  I am not surprised ...  For a moment the idea of ​​going to pour this in front of the town hall of the commune responsible for the cleaning, tantalizes me.  I decide instead to call the local newspaper. They sends me two journalists. . I am really happy, these two months will not have been in vain ... Pictures of the harvest and the Charlotte are taken as well as a proper interview

Back in France I contacted the newspaper where they will tell me that they never heard of the journalists I met ...  I wasn’t making good advertising for the island, for sure ...

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