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I grew up in the French village of the Côtes d'Armor, Yffiniac, in St Brieuc Bay near an ornithological natural reserve where at the time was located the largest garbage dump of the region. In 1978 following  the sinking on the coast of Britany of the Supertanker Amoco Cadiz ”the largest oil spill in history”  to that date I found myself horrified by the image on TV of birds mired in oil.
Disgusted, I could not accept that the human species could allow such a thing to occur on my playground. Picking up the trash during my walks in the wilderness became an instinctive gesture...
One day, in 2006 on the beach of Marésias in Brazil, with arms full of trash and despite a feeling of ineffectiveness and solitude in front of the mess, beyond all expectation this gesture was rewarded.
Indeed, Probably exasperated by my foreign presence cleaning the beach every day for three months, the   mayor 's office had become aware of the necessity of officially hiring Cleaning staff.  Suddenly the idea of ​​the slogan imagined a few days earlier in front of this beach, dirtier than ever, appeared to me as obvious, thanks to a cd, a plastic stopper and sticks of lollipops found on the beach, I drew using these templates on a  piece of paper, which would become the movement logo:


I continue to remain actively cleaning beaches wherever I find myself
In 2012 after spending 25 years in various locations around the world.
My intermittent feeling of futility in my professional activity climaxed, it became vital and I was compelled to do something more to feed my soul and give greater meaning to my  life .
Once turned the page of the last chapter of this illusory life, I dug up  the book in which was the piece of paper scribbled years ago to write the story of DFMP and thus rebuild mine. Armed with the  passion of my convictions and one sieve (The Charlotte,a long-handled mesh strainer tool used 25 years ago as a beach attendant in St Tropez) a pickup truck and some DFMP stamped t - shirts, I headed to Ibiza. This was my first mission for two months, and the revelation of a spiritual human adventure: sporty ,invigorating and rewarding for each piece of trash picked up ... the perfect balance between yin and yang



My first


We were not yet 10 years old, Pascal and I are walking under a blazing sun for a few hours in the countryside of Yffiniac, our playground territory.  He had the idea of visiting the farm of ¨the Lock ¨ which he knew well to beg for a little bit of water.
The farm seems empty of its owners, but the bottles of cider we find in the pantry, does the trick to appease our very great thirst…  
A thorough check confirm the absence of the Meheu farmers and when Pascal tells me about the inevitable end which lay ahead for the too cute little pigs, chicks, ducklings, calves and little rabbits, I saw red...
It is therefore proud as valiant knights, and with a strong sense of duty accomplished, that we leave behind us a battlefield of a farm where the residents now run in all directions happy with their recovered freedom ...
The result was less glorious when the police came to question my neighbor and accomplice. Though he kept the traces of his silence for some time on the posterior, Pascal did not give me up.  I remained hiding behind my window thinking on how to avoid prison  by hiding in the surrounding woods...

Hugues Piéto

Founder of the DFMP movement

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