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" The one who does not bend down for a penny is not worth half its value. " (my grandfather)

Beyond that, DFMP  values the kneeling down for a piece of plastic that is not worth even a penny ...
Before learning how to count we must
first learn what really counts in life.

The very existence of a sixth continent in the five oceans is no longer to be questioned. The exploitation of fossil fuels and its derivatives, nuclear energy, industrial overfishing, agro-food overproduction and the massacre of animal species ... are all ECOCIDE acts with disastrous consequences. Faced with such an assessment, general discouragement is required.

To the question: 
"What planet will we leave to our children?"
DFMP answers: 
"What children will we leave to our planet?"

A Native American legend tells us that one day, there was an immense forest fire. Terrified animals watched helplessly the disaster. Only the little hummingbird (Colibri)  was busy, fetching a few drops of water with his beak to throw them on the fire. After a moment the armadillo, irritated by his actions deemed ridiculous, said to him:

- "Colibri! Are not you crazy? You think with these drops of water  you're going to put out the fire? " 
- "I know I cannot do it alone," replies the hummingbird, "but I do my part."

Like the Colibri, DFMP applies itself to do its part. Determined to act, respect, honor and protect.


The Click

The President of a first ranked international communications group responsible for global campaigns was very interested in the name «Don’t’Fuck My Planet» as well as the logo because of the strong message it carries.

Leaving me to imply that large companies (polluting ones) might be interested in the brand as a mean of buying themselves an image of good behavior (practice of «greenwashing») through funding DFMP, which does not match at all with our ethics.


This is why I decided to self-sustain DFMP to keep the credibility and freeness of speech in our actions.

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