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2012 - DFMP exhibition at "La Cave"


The first exhibition happening at my friend’s Pierre  ‘The Cave’ is in all simplicity. The reception is friendly in general, but raises questions about the DFMP movement, on a field in which no one expected to see me at all. To their general surprise due to my past professional career in contrast to my personal considerations: info or intox,illusion or reality.  The disturbing expression the brand carries offends, makes smile or blows minds. Children and adults will finally be able to say Fuck for a good cause, For those who are against it, is maybe because they do not give a Fuck about ecology ...

(see Osho YouTube video for ‘The most magical word in the world Fuck’)

2014-01-02 20.27.17
2014-01-02 20.21.44
2014-01-02 20.27.58
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