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2014 - "ArtRock" Festival at "La Cave"

After being contacted by a large internationally renowned communications company and having refused their interest, I ask my friend André to help me move to the next level.... The launch of ‘The Book’ during the Art Rock Festival and the new art exhibition at ‘La Cave’ which belongs to my friend Pierre, always ready to support me. The concept of the DFMP concert stage is born ;) My heart rocks for Art Rock


(link book)

2014-06-07 18.04.04
2014-06-07 16.06.28
2014-06-07 15.58.33
2014-06-07 14.41.39
2014-06-07 14.57.18
2014-06-07 19.32.08
2014-06-07 20.24.33
2014-06-07 23.46.21
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