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2014 - Binic folks Blues Festival


For the third consecutive year, the beach of Binic during the festival of the Nef de Fou is absolutely disgusting, which does not seem to bother the town hall or the organizers ... A third mission is required: the result Is without comment :(

I decide to come back this time on Monday, when all is over to finish the job. Luckily the tractor of the town hall draws the giant mechanical sieve on the beach.  It is the occasion, now or never, to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Charlotte .. . After an hour and a half of work the harvest is incredible .. this machine  used by a large number of town halls is only a lure.  The result of my harvest is presented to a representative of the Town Hall in charge of the beach cleaning…. He can't believe it and is rather embarrassed ... I'm still waiting for his phone call to solve the problem.  It should be high time to stop finding problems to the solutions ….  Word to the wise.

binic dfmp
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